Aislene Skuld
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Name: Aisling Skuld
Alias: Skuld
Yoko Koizumi
Title(s): Dreamer of Futures
Gender: Female
Race: Sun elf (former)
Age: 15
Born: ♐ December 8
Birthplace: Dunklenort
Height: 1,54cm
Eyes: Dark brown
Hair: Teal
Skin: Dark brown
Professional Status
Personal Status
Status: Active
Relatives: Endō Koizumi (guardian)
Theme Songs
Debut: Chapter 1: Sunrise
Appearances: The Loneliest Skeleton of Hell
Right to Die: Ghast Glass
English Voice: Julie Ann Taylor

Aislene Skuld is the protagonist and heroine of The Loneliest Skeleton of Hell, who lives in Dunklenort.

At the end of the story she turns into a monster as parts of her body begin to melt.


Aisling is 154cm tall.

Aisling's actual face is never seen or described, as she is either shown with her usual skull painting or her face is obscured. She has a consistent skeleton motif through all her outfits.


Aisling is a quiet, clever, creative, intelligent and friendly young girl with a curious nature, a sharp tongue and a direct way of approaching things – she is not afraid to speak her mind and ask questions. She is portrayed as sad, miserable, depressed, lonely, morbid and craving for validation. She has stated she is not afraid of death because she has wished for it at times, and questions the point in living if she is only going to hurt others. She is not living in wealth or luxury and is financially poor, finding home in borderline poverty.





The Irish Gaelic name Aisling means "dream" or "vision".

In Old Norse mythology, Skuld is the youngest out of the three Norns of fate, female beings described as having the power of deciding the fates of gods and people and analogous to the Greek Moirai, and she appears in at least two poems as a Valkyrie. The name itself means "future" or "debt", but can be also a play with the word skull, a motif seen in both the protagonist herself and the story.

Skuld (princess)



Yoko (洋子) is a Japanese name meanin "foreign child".


  • Aisling's birthday falls on Pretend To Be A Time Traveler Day.
  • Aisling prefers to take hot, nearly scalding baths, and spends around forty minutes under the shower.
    • She can waste two up to four hours washing and untangling her hair.
  • Aisling has been dying her hair since she was a child, with her mothers' permission. She has already dyed it lavender, dark purple and dark green besides her current teal color.


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