Aleksei Pavlyk
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Name: Aleksei Pavlyk
Alias: Alex
Gender: Male
Hair: Blond and light brown
Professional Status
Affiliation: Security Administration Agency
Personal Status
Status: Active
Theme Songs
Debut: Active

Aleksei Pavlyk is Arsena's older brother, a SAA double agent and a subordinate of Victoria de Stella-Baptiste. He goes by he pronouns.


Personality and Traits

Aleksei has somewhat of an absentminded and out-there personality, committing such acts as mistaking objects for one another and politely asking directions to his enemies. He seems to be very laid-back and easygoing, as he takes everything lightly regardless of the severity of the moment. In surprising, perilous and unexpected situations, he is apparently never shocked and he often laughs to himself that the force he often employs is a tad excessive. He is an unusually lax and carefree person.

Aleksei is also completely calm and cool-headed, even in tense situations, and he speaks in a politely sarcastic manner, being very mocking towards his enemies. Unfortunately for the SAA, he can be quite absent-minded and irresponsible, judging by the fact he used a lot of power in an attack directed at escaping foes. He often comments that some of the abilities of his opponents are quite frightening, although he is otherwise unfazed by them. Since he always delivers such admissions of fear with a deadpan expression on his face and his usual lackadaisical tone of voice, it is never clear if he is mocking his opponents or if he is being serious.


Weapons and Abilities

He wields a double-edged glaive.



Character Symbolism



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