loƨ I :: тoнɔɒяɒ, translated as SUN I: Interpretation, is one of the collections of the primary texts written by Saw Elodim. It is the most seen book, as it is the main source of conflict for some of the stories and hunted by several dangerous groups.


Interpretation is officially the first book of the collection. It has a dark, worn pink color and a vertically inverted delta inside a circle on its cover. It is the shortest book, with the current total of 826 pages. Six of the pages of the book, however, are missing, as they were destroyed by Nevan Halford before she branded them on her back; it is assumed said pages allude to her existence.

The contents of the book have no official translation, yet it is certain it can be described as containing important documents about the culture of an ancient civilization and their extremely advanced technology, particularly that of weapons capable of mass destruction. It is essentially a handbook for the creation of artificial intelligence and human augmentation, carrying complex images and clear instructions, enough for a common human to be able to understand them. It was allegedly the last book out of the eight to be written by Elodim, as it has a short story on its prologue before a small introduction to the other books, with their colors, cover images, number of pages and translated title beside the original reading in known letters.

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