Billie Jean Kalis
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Name: Billie Jean Kalis
Alias: Jean Kalis
Killer Queen
Queen B
Race: Human
Age: 24
Born: ♍ August 29
Professional Status
Personal Status
Status: Active
Relatives: Annie Kalis (daughter)
Theme Songs
Appearances: Doomsday Party

Billie Jean Kalis the young mother of Annie Kalis and a renowned dancer.


Personality and Traits


Weapons and Abilities



Billie holds several musical references in her names and overall theme:

  • Kalis' first name is an open shout-out to the King of Pop Michael Jackson's well-known song Billie Jean, one of the best-selling singles worldwide and the official debut of Jackson's moonwalking. In fact, Kalis herself sport many references and similarities to Jackson in her outfits and dancing moves, and shares the same birthday as him;
  • Her daughter is named Annie, name also mentioned by Jackson in another of his songs, Smooth Criminal;
  • Kalis' shorter name, Jean Kalis, is an allusion to the English musician David Bowie, as a kalis is a kind of knife much like the Bowie knife, even seen used by her at one point;
  • Killer Queen is a famous song by the rock band Queen, written by Freddie Mercury himself;
  • Jean's signature Minnie Mouse sunglasses are the same used by Lady Gaga in her music video Paparazzi;
  • Her affectionate nicknames Queen B, and the shorter Bee, are nods to Beyoncé, who is often called as such.



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