Casiel Reuter
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Name: Casiel Reuter
Gender: Male
Race: Monster, Malak (human form)
Age: 32 (debut)
40 (after timeskip)
Height: 1,84cm
Hair: Light blond
Skin: Light gray
Professional Status
Affiliation: Hallows
Profession: Historian
Base of Operations: Stein 13
Personal Status
Status: Active
Theme Songs
Debut: Bed of Roses
Appearances: Bed of Roses
Bed of Roses II
Guess it's my turn.


Casiel Reuter () is a hero and the historian of the Hallows.


Casiel is elegant and poised, but unkempt.


Casielis intelligent, cunning, polite and cultured. He possesses a love for music, being talented in singing and playing musical instruments. He is well dedicated to his trade and does not let anything interrupt him when he is gathering information. His loyalty to his trade also causes him to gain multiple enemies over the years. He has a calm, serious demeanor, seeking the comfort and freedom to study the mysteries of the world. He is the quiet, reserved member, rarely showing emotions or having outburst of emotions (occasional exceptions being sweat drops), and as such, is the only member to have no face faults.

He even appears calm at times towards his friends, often speaking ominously around them. Often, he speaks only when spoken to or if something noteworthy happens. When he does, he has been shown to possess an outstanding knowledge, especially in history. He can, however, be quite sarcastic and cruel when he wants.

During battle, he tends to maintain a relaxed demeanor that only seems to change whenever the circumstances proved to be beyond his capacity to cope; more often than not, he would exhibit unshakable calmness and reserved behavior against an inferior adversary.




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