loƨ II :: ияɒнтoнα, translated as SUN II: Duty, is one of the collections of the primary texts written by Saw Elodim. The location of the book is rumored to be somewhere in the countries of the North.


Duty is the second book of the collection, with a dark, deep violet color and a cryptic image of an unknown creature on the cover, resembling a hybrid between a jellyfish, a trilobite and a giant squid. It has 2560 pages, and it contains the story of Elodim as he narrates his dreams on a living planet residing in another quantum universe, which subsequently made him write his books.

The giant planet named Mekithath erratically moves at light speeds, eating all the stars and other planets on its path. It has a nightmarish landscape, with hellish fauna and flora, that seem to melt all living beings that approach it, as shown in one of Elodim's dreams. It is populated by several of The Elder Giants, who were either banished to the planet to live in torture for eternity or simply put in exile. They are all ruled by Janua, matriarch and queen of all grotesquenesses, whose needs are fulfilled by her daughter and emissary Harthatenarl. Janua is also the one responsible not only for sending Elodim all the data collected for the books through his dreams, but being the one who made him write them. She appears to him in an elvish form similarly to her daughter's and acts as a guide through some of his discoveries, particularly those relating to the lower levels of the planet.

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