The Elder Giants are massive monstrosities artificially created by Janua whose exact alignment or purpose is unknown. They were banished at some point by their mother and queen, living in exile or torture for all eternity in distant dead stars, fallen or sunken cities, the Netherworld and Mekithath. Their elder sibling, Harthatenarl, has the power to command over them as her own army, and one of the Inhert family's goals is to control them, as well as retrieve P'zacyatharth, the encyclopedia based on their nature and origins.

Although the Elder Giants rank low among the grotesquenesses, their destructive power is immense, as they are capable of destroying a continent and supposedly even wipe out an entire race. Some of them are also worshiped as timeless gods by humans, such as the birdmen, who created The Works of the Old Gods in their image.

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