Emily Tepac
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Name: Emily Telupac
Gender: Female
Race: Coven
Age: 27
Born: ♓ March 14
Professional Status
Personal Status
Status: Active
Relatives: Sherry Tepac
Tamara Sukarno (wife)
Theme Songs
Appearances: Needles and Pins

Emily Tepac is the deuteragonist of Needles and Pins and the main character's love interest. She is a coven and a mixed martial artist and featherweight champion, daughter of the retired middleweight champion Sherry Tepac. She is ranked as the number one featherweight in the world by multiple publications. She has a black belt in Jiu-Jitsu, Judo and Taekwondo, and yellow rope in Capoeira, besides being an expext in Muay Thai and boxing.

She lives a lifestyle that is often compared to those of average people because of her obsession with magical girl cartoons, BL, street fashion, action figures, rap, cooking and modeling. She is a major figure in the series, seen as Tamara Sukarno's ex-girlfriend and object of great admiration, although she was originally Tamara's martial arts instructor, the two began dating shortly after their first meeting, but broke up due to Sukarno's reclusive nature.

After the the Judaean invasion on the Grand Republic, Emily is held captive of terrorists and tortured, and Sukarno's struggle to free her from her captors is a major plot point in the story. Shortly after they are saved, they move to Kuniumi and get married, as Emily adopts her wife's last name.




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