Hands of Loki

Name: Hands of Loki
Origin: Harthatenarl's body
Type: Pistols
Range: Mid-Range
Element: Darkness
User: Nevan Halford


Hands of Loki (ロキの手, Roki no Te) are Nevan's trademark pair of black-colored pistols that spawn from her body, namely her index and middle fingers. The guns are famous for being the weapons used to annihilate most of their owner's foes. Their designs are very recognizable, as the pistols are simple, but oversized and too heavy and unwieldy for an average person to use, yet a perfect match for Nevan's strength. The inward-facing side of each weapon's slide is engraved with "The Ones Who Invite" in a cursive script and the words "Lasciate ogne speranza" are written upon the right-handed pistol and "L'esperîenza di questa dolce vita" upon the left-handed one, along with a unique design. It's unknown whether they are sentient or not, given their nature.




The guns are named after Loki.


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