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Nevan fyf
Name: Harthatenarl
Alias: Nevan Halford
Oda Kurosawa
Title(s): Goddess of Terror
Epithet: Diávolos of Superius
Herald of Darkness
many others...
Gender: Genderless
Race: N/A
Age: N/A
Born: N/A
Birthplace: N/A
Blood type: N/A
Eyes: N/A
Hair: N/A
Skin: N/A
Professional Status
Affiliation: Velodita
Partner: Death Scythe
Personal Status
Status: Active
Relatives: Terumi Ruidai (sister)
Endō Koizumi (sister)
Education: N/A
Hobbies: N/A
Values: N/A
Likes: N/A
Dislikes: N/A
Theme Songs
Appearances: Afraid of the Dark
Right to Die series
Open Minded
Bed of Roses
The Loneliest Skeleton of Hell
Japanese Voice: Romi Park
Yūichi Nakamura

Harthatenarl (ハータテナール Hātatenāru, alternate spellings: Hartanar, Artatenar, Hrt'atnarl, Hrrtat'nerl, Hart'eerl, A'tatheernl, and many others) is a recurring character and a malevolent, ancient figure, not only responsible for major events in history, but also for seven apocalyptic events that brought the nearly extinction of the world population, with an eighth planned. She is a shapeshifter and an ultraviolent cannibal monster who has appeared in several stories, sometimes as the main antagonist and others in a brief cameo or reference.

She often appears under different names, the most known being Nevan Halford (ニヴァン・ハルフォード Nivan Harufōdo), holding the identity of a world-renowned stage magician. She is the source of different legends and stories, being often associated with the image of a red-haired woman in dark robes who feeds on the disgrace of others, as well as a dystopian, protean creature of unknown origin which people find themselves inexplicably drawn to. Her goals usually center on bringing down civilizations and promoting wars and destruction, usually through spreading selfishness and sowing discord. Although her motivations are unknown, she boldly remarks she does this for self entertainment as she carries the role of an emissary for a greater evil.

She first appeared in Afraid of the Dark as Nevan Halford and one of the main antagonists, responsible for the main character's paranoia and lose of sanity, aiming to simultaneously wreak havoc amongst 6th Organ and retrieve the Ermineía from Sol. She makes her second appearance in The Loneliest Skeleton of Hell, as a shadowy figure called The Shadow Person, attempting to drive away the sanity of the main protagonist, first refusing to tell the girl her name but later being addressed as Artatenar by Endoskull. She newly appears as a character in Crimewar, again as Nevan Halford and the main antagonist and villainess of the story, wielding the Death Scythe and her trademark twin pistols, being then officially addressed as Harthatenarl, as well as in the Right to Die series, in which she is the main evil force, contrasting and clashing with Terumi. She plays an antagonistic role again in Open Minded, as the sworn enemy of the main protagonist, being addressed under different names, ranging from Nevan Halford to Harthatenarl, Hart'eerl and Kuro. She made several more appearances in Bed of Roses, in which she presents a clear interest on the story's protagonist Vilein Samson and their companions, and later appears in Last as Diávolos of Superius, or Dia, one of the main strategists of Immanuel Agana's army, posing as a moon elf, What If, in which she fights a pregnant Terumi, and Annihilation, again as The Shadow Person, where she seeks to kill Marie-Louis and end her lineage. She is also indirectly responsible for the events of Needles and Pins.


Table of forms

Harthatenarl's forms
Name Region Description Notes Appears in
Nevan Halford Worldwide Apears as a tall woman of green to golden eyes and red hair, dressed in black leather. This is her most known form in-universe, and her most seen. Crimewar, Right to Die, Afraid of the Dark, Fight Your Friends, Open Minded, Annihilation, Last
Koripelpisia region Apears as an abnormally large, roughly two times the size of a normal human, hermaphroditic, humanoid goat of red fur, horizontal slit-shaped pupils and yellow sclera, able to sprout three pairs of black wings. Avatar worshipped by habitants. Me Versus You, Fight Your Friends
Diávolos of Superius Superius, Elisium Apears as a slender, white-haired moon elf dressed in black from neck to toe. notes Last
Shadow Person/Seer Dunklenort Apears as a tall, thin, shadowy figure with black goat horns and a black hooded cloak. Supposedly, a sorcerer. The Loneliest Skeleton of Hell

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