loƨ XYY :: lяɒиɘтɒнтяɒн, translated as SUN VIII: Ultimatum, is one of the collections of the primary texts written by Saw Elodim. It is currently owned by Harthatenarl, and the book is often seen being carried by her or emerging from her body.


Ultimatum is the eighth and last book of the collection, sharing its name with its owner. The book is specially cryptic as it is the only one to never have been touched by human hands since it came to Nevan's possession. It has a deep crimson color and studs on its cover, and strangely an eye with the omega symbol as its pupil and the numbers 22.13 written inside it. The book has 3072 pages, with a poem written by Nevan herself on the endpages. The book seemly explains Harthatenarl's origins, as well as Janua's, and the secrets behind the eldritch grotesquenesses.

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