Humans are the dominant species in the world due to their large numbers, advanced technology and organization. The human species branch off and are divided into different races, and thus the term can cause confusion as it can also refer to any individual of any race, serving a much larger meaning. Races of humans include, but not limited to, sirens, sun and moon elves, covens, dwarves and lampads, all which possess distinct characteristics and habits.


The concept of human within the series does not follow the same as the one from real life, as it is virtually an umbrella term for several different races. The one to most resemble real life humans in appearance are the nominal humans, who, even so, vary greatly in their sizes and body proportions. Other attributes, such as life spans and eating habits, also vary according to certain races, such as some giants being able to live up to 300 years, or covens needing blood in their diet.



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