Khalilah Sarkis
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Name: Khalilah Sarkis Waarheid
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Age: 32
Born: ♍ September 21
Skin: Dark brown
Professional Status
Personal Status
Status: Active
Relatives: Melisende Waarheid (adoptive mother)
Ibrahim (foster father)
Joash Zircon (adoptive brother)
Nicole (adoptive niece)
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Khalilah Sarkis is the adopted daughter of Melisende Waarheid and sworn sister of Joash Zircon. Her full name is Khalilah Sarkis Waarheid, but she chooses to omit her name to hide her connections to her mother. She is a member of ALPEC.


Khalilah usually wears a veil that covers her head and part of her chest, much like a hijab.

Personality and Traits

As everybody likes her somehow, Khalilah is a responsible, level-headed and pragmatic person who is prone to procrastination despite her capability to do things. She proudly defends any of her interests, trying to think rationally of things, and often brushes off or ignores certain things in order avoid any future problems. She acts cool and talks softly even around people she doesn't like, but is easily irritated, although she only shows it when provoked enough.

She is often described as highly refined, even if a little strict and impatient, and she speaks to others in a formal and polite manner, addressing them with honorifics.


Weapons and Abilities




  • Khalilah's birthday falls on the International Day of Peace.


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