The Kin Triad are a group of three clans (or families) deeply involved with the Old Ones and whose primary objectives are to oppose Harthatenarl and her goals. The three current successors are also known for being the three new hopes for the future of the Triad, as it has been slowly being corrupted over the decades. Each of the three clans has a totem that serves as a reminder of their past and origin.


Known members of the Kin Triad


The Rajani are said to be the ones to bear Harthatenarl's hatred as they carry the knowledge of the Old Ones and the duty of saving humanity. Thus, they have been nearly wiped out. Their totem is Ogun.


The Vulture protect the descendants of the Old Ones, as they are hunted down, and discover what is left of their legacy. Their totem is Mictecacihuatl.


The Inhert carry the duty of gaining control over the Elder Giants and retrieving the Octílios, especially the one held in possession by Nevan and the book on the Elder Giants themselves. The members of this branch are known for losing their sanity due to an unknown force that haunts them. Their totem is Isis.


Totem Mictecacihuatl Isis Ogun

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