loƨ III :: loнϱıмɒнϱтol, translated as SUN III: Ambition, is one of the collections of the primary texts written by Saw Elodim. The book's location is unknown.


Ambition is the third book of the collection, with a dark blue color and a nightmarish drawing of several shadows on its cover. The book has a total of 3072 pages, and is one of the most mysterious out of all the books, as it carries the answers to what is known as the Dead Decades, a gap of seventy four years (eight hundred eighty-eight months) in ancient times that weren't recorded anywhere in history.

The book supposedly tells the history that took place in that gap, as well as the war responsible for erasing it. It contains all the information about the Old Ones, an advanced society of humans who ruled what is called the All-Empire, as well reveals that they were the defeated party in the war due to their inner conflicts, besides the fact they were the ones to develop important technological advances. The book also covers two alien races, one a humanoid race that went extinct thanks to the war, and another called the Ruling Abominations, both which slaved part of the human race, and develops on ancient races born in that period, who came to be what are now the birdmen (direct descendants of the Old Ones), the sirens (born from the mating between the Abominations and slaved humans), the reptilians (result of the mixed genes of the Old Ones and the humanoids) and the skinwalkers (genetically modified humans created by the Old Ones).

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