Monsters are the native species encountered in the Netherworld and the main enemies in some stories. They are mostly humans who cast aside human form for several reasons, such as losing their sanity due to coming in contact with grotesquenesses or staying in the Netherworld for too long. They often have horrid, terrifying appearances, coming in a wide array of shapes and sizes, although some of them appear to be humanoid. Some monsters, however, such as Verrine, have unknown origins and are able to change to a human form at will — they are named pillars.

In the Netherworld itself, however, monsters are seen as the new human race.


Monsters are seen as a warning for imminent danger as well as a natural consequence of the design of the world.

Relationship with humans

Power and Abilities

The abilities and intelligence of a monster vary greatly according to their own individual power. Lower monsters, said to have been turned into their current form by an external force, merely act as hostile predators. They typically reside in the Netherworld and are unable to leave or cause a dimensional shift on their own.

Monsters with moderate strength, however, may show powers based on a certain element, are generally physically stronger than humans and are able to perform superhuman feats with relative ease, showing more complex abilities and intelligence.

Powerful monsters are able to rip holes through multiple dimensions, thus being able to move freely between dimensions, and alter the fundamental laws of reality, such as altering probability and manipulating matter. They also show advanced signs of intelligence, being capable of speech and strategy.

It is entirely possible for a monster's corpse to be retrieved and turned into a weapon, made from its organs and biochemical components, even keeping characteristics of their past selves, such as elements they were based on.





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