Saint Neva
Name Neva Klein
Alias Saint Neva
Race Terran
Age Unknown
Birthday ♓ March 14
Status Deceased
Voiced by

Nadja Klein was Nessa's child, Neil's mother, Adalwulf Tolbert's lover and possibly Nevan Halford's greatest nemesis. They were made a saint after their death, and are considered a worldwide hero. They are famed for leading troops in victory against the government which contributed to ending the war, and exposed Nevan's true identity. They are referred to with they and she pronouns.

They appear as a main character in Last and as a posthumous character in the Right to Die series.



Neva is portrayed as a modest person whose sole desire is to save her people and her fellow soldiers from suffering the plagues of war. She is gentle yet her very presence seems to inspire her comrades in battle. Despite her young age, gender, and social status, she has an uncommon strength rarely found in the army ranks of the time, and this ultimately leads to her success in general when it comes to warfare.



Weapons and Abilities



German and Slovene form of NADYA and diminutive of NADEZHDA, which means means "hope" in Slavic.


  • Neva's birthday falls on Heroes' Day.

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