loƨ IIIII :: ɒнϱɘʞɘи, translated as SUN V: Fall, is one of the collections of the primary texts written by Saw Elodim. The book is said to have been lost.


Fall is the fifth book of the collection, and has a rough map on its dark green cover of a never heard island. The book has 2048 pages and can be considered a sequel to Ambition, as it develops more on the All-Empire, and comments on the brief slavery of part of the human race by two different alien races, one of them, the Humanoids, went extinct due to the war that took place at the time, and the other, the Ruling Abominations, which still guards its fallen kingdom and silently awaits its time to emerge from the darkness and rule over humanity again. The book supposedly reveals the once thought lost continent was actually an island, which was partly destroyed and submerged in the deepest waters because of a large tsunami caused by an overwhelmingly colossal sea creature. It points its exact location and that together with the island still sleeps the surviving slaving race.

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