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Name: Nicole
Alias: Nicki
Epithet(s): Phoenix
Gender: Female
Race: Semi-clone
Birdwoman-Pillar hybrid
Age: 3
Born: Mexico
Eyes: Reddish orange
Hair: Sandy blonde
Skin: Brown
Ethnicity: Black
Weapon: None (Voluntary shapeshifter)
Professional Status
Affiliation: Sol
Partner: Amador
Personal Status
Status: Active
Relatives: Joash (foster father)
Victoria de Stella-Baptiste (clone template and foster mother)
Gideon (foster grandfather)
Melisende Waarheid (foster grandmother)
Ibrahim (foster grandfather)
Khalilah Sarkis (foster aunt)
Athaliah (foster aunt)
Theme Songs
Appearances: Right to Die: Ghast Glass
Japanese Voice: Ami Koshimizu


Nicole is a genetically modified clone of Victoria de Stella-Baptiste and one of the many reincarnations of Phenex. She is Joash Zircon's ward and student, as well as surrogate daughter.

Although artificially created, Nicole is the first hybrid of a pillar and a human, whose birth took 70 years and was made possible by the environmental conditions of the Netherworld. However, after the robotic base in which she was living was attacked, she wandered through its harsh scenarios until age six, when she crossed a portal in Dunklenort and was rescued in an expedition led by the then Sol newcomer, Joash Zircon.

Nicole was legally placed under the protection of a 18 year old Joash after Sol, led by Melisende Waarheid, refused to return her to the SAA due to the suspiciousness surrounding her birth, as well as SAA's neglect and abandonment. Despite not being a maven, Nicole considers Sol to be her family and is a close associate of the organization. She is also generally regarded as its problem child, but still remains loyal to them.



Nicole is carefree, feisty and reckless in nature, and, despite her consistent brawls with the other mavens,

She's fun, loud and carefree, always full of laughter, and finds everything amusing. She is also shown to be a comic-relief.


Weapons and Abilities



In contrast to Victor, Nicole is based on the phoenix from Greek mythology, a long-lived bird that is cyclically regenerated or reborn. Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. The phoenix was subsequently adopted as a symbol in Early Christianity. While the phoenix typically dies in a show of flames and combustion, in most versions of the legend, there are less popular versions of the myth in which the mythical bird dies and simply decomposes before being born again. According to some legends, the phoenix could live over 1400 years before rebirth. In the historical record, the phoenix "could symbolize renewal in general as well as the sun, time, the Empire, metempsychosis, consecration, resurrection, life in the heavenly Paradise, Christ, Mary, virginity, the exceptional man, and certain aspects of Christian life".

Little Red Riding Hood


  • Nicole has aquaphobia.


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