Nneka Araceli
Name Nneka Araceli
Race Birdwoman
Status Active
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Nneka Araceli is the mother of Roman Ipstain, as well as his younger half-siblings, Seren, Maroon and Aodh Agana, and the former holder of the title of the Horseman of Famine, as well as Hezekiah's former mentor.


Nneka is a middle aged woman of tan skin, hair reaching past her shoulders, and eyes of a hazel color. She has thin arms and legs, exceptionally long fingernails, flaccid breasts, and three scars: one crossing her throat horizontally, and the other two crossing each one of her eyes. She is always seen wearing a long, skull-beaded necklace with multiple strands in the form of a wide lasso, with two hands holding a heart hanging at the end of the lasso.


Nneka Araceli was a loving and caring person, specially towards her children and her subordinates. She was intelligent, wise, kind, of strong character, humble and modest, who hated luxuries and spending money. She was also very assertive, devouring and deadly.


Nneka Araceli was born in an once poor family, which led her to become a courtesan in a brothel when she was young. When she hit 20 years, she enlisted herself in the army, and quickly rose to prominence. Sometime after, she started to study under the former Death Horseman, and met her husband, whom she married long after earning the title. She then bore him three children: from oldest to youngest, Seren, Maroon and Aodh.

During the beginning of one of her year-long expeditions, she was once impregnated by Oldera after have gone missing, and fled to the Northern Mountains as her advisors grew suspicious as to the identity of the father and subsequently gave birth to Roman.

Sometime before her daughter took the throne, she somehow found out about her younger half-brother, and vowed to kill their mother as she feared losing the throne. With the support of her other two brothers, she urged her mother to commit suicide, but failed, and eventually poisoned Aodh and exiled Maroon after their father's death.

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Nneka means "my mother is supreme" in Igbo, while Araceli is a Spanish name meaning "altar of the sky."

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