The Octílios is a mysterious collection of ancient texts with history and other arcane events inscribed on it as a dead, unknown language, all written by Saw Elodim. The codices date back to the 2th or 3th century, and most of their scripts and language remain unknown. They are scattered among the world, and only three of them are known to be found, with a fourth one in the possession of Harthatenarl. It is said the only person left in the world who can read them is Joash Faaris.


The codices are portrayed as bound in leather of various types and having metal clasps, with hundreds of vellum pages parchment primarily from young serpents skins, secondarily from human fetuses skins. Each of the volumes are shown to carry a different unsaturated color on its cover, ranging from red to teal and ending in pink, with cryptic designs sketched by Elodim himself, relating to the books' content.

The Octílios is undoubtedly a substantial text, as it explains the origins of the Old Ones and Harthatenarl, along with the events that took place in the prision of Jahannam, and the disappearence of the once continent Nihil, besides the cause of the First Eschaton.

List of all known books

There is a total of eight books, each of them somehow alluding to the number 8 and being referred as a individual "sun". A brief explanation of the collection and a summary of the books was given by Nevan Halford to the Wanderer, before she shot the latter to death.



Voynich manuscript

Pnakotic Manuscripts




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