loƨ XY :: нтяɒнтɒγɔɒzq, translated as SUN VII: Revelation, is one of the collections of the primary texts written by Saw Elodim. The book's location is unknown.


Revelation is the seventh book of the collection, it has a dark, brownish orange cover with a colossal creature made of stone drawn on its cover. It is not an actual book, but rather an encyclopedia revolving around solely on the Elder Giants, giant monsters with no clear alignment or motive. It is the second largest book, with 4096 pages.

The book reveals the Elder Giants are essentially the children of Janua, artificially created by her, and the siblings of Harthatenarl, who holds the right to command over them as her army. She is also responsible for killing, banishing and exiling some of them to stars, fallen cities, the Netherworld and Mekithath. Some of these monsters are unknowingly worshiped as deities by humans, who also created the The Works of the Old Gods, ancient stone-built geoglyphs, although said monsters are virtually considered the lowest among the grotesquenesses.

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