Sônia Aguilar
Name Sônia Aguilar
Race Birdwoman
Status Active
Voiced by

Sônia Aguilar is a character of Last and one of Roman Vulture's mentors. She is often seen with Lorena Velasco, her wife.


Sônia is a Steller's Sea Eagle birdwoman of dark skin. She is at least 1,80cm tall, and rather eccentric despite her serious facial expression. She has white hair that reaches her shoulders, and it is partially tied around her head, in a crown-ish hairstyle. She has a fringe that parts to the sides of her head and joins at the center of her face. Her eyebrows are thin and a light shade of gray and she has black eyes.

Sônia is a very fashionable person, as she always wears make-up and sophisticated styles of clothing. She has black eyelashes, always seen with grey mascara, and she has a goat head lineart tattoo on her chest, also of grey colors. She is shown to paint her long and pointed fingernails different colors, as her nails on her right hand are colored white, while those on the left are black. She also has a small navel piercing and is always seen with a golden monocle on her left eye.

For her first outfit, Sônia wears a black blazer with puff sleeves decorated with simple and small studs, black leggings, as well as white shoes with studs and golden swirls painted over it. She also wears a black belt with a knuckle-shaped buckle and chains and black hanging from it, four rings on her left hand, silver earrings with black ribbons, a black choker and black lipstick.



Weapons and Abilities



Sônia is the Portuguese spelling of Sonia, a Russian variation on the name Sophia, a Greek name meaning "wisdom" and used to represent the personification of wisdom. In Hindi, the name means "golden", derived from सोना sonāa "gold", from Sanskrit सुवर्ण suvarṇa (su "good" + varṇa "color").

Aguilar from the Latin aquilare, meaning "haunt of eagles".



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