Seshat Capgras
Name Seshat Capgras
Race Orc
Birthday October 10
Status Active
Voiced by

Seshat Capgras (セシャト・カプグラ Seshato Kapugura) is the protagonist of Time Heals Nothing, a former psychologist and a novel writer.


Personality and Traits

She has recovered from depression.

Syndrome of subjective doubles


Von Willebrand disease




Weapons and Abilities



In Egyptian mythology, Seshat is the Ancient Greek goddess of writing, astronomy, astrology, architecture, building, mathematics and surveying. She is described as a scribe and record keeper, as well as the inventor of writing. Her name means she who scrivens and she holds the title of "Mistress of the House of Books". Seshat is depicted with an unknown seven-pointed emblem above her head and leopard hide, a symbol of funerary priests, although the pattern is also associated with stars, and holding a palm stem, while recording the passage of time.

She shares her surname with Joseph Capgras, a French psychiatrist who is credited with the first description of the Capgras delusion, a disorder defined by the delusion in which a person's friend, spouse, parent, or another close family member has been substituted by an identical impostor. It is a disorder that usually occurs with paranoid schizophrenia, but it can also happen in patients suffering from brain injury and dementia, the latter two true to Capgras herself.


  • Seshat's birthday falls on World Mental Health Day.


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