Time Heals Nothing


Time Heals Nothing is a story about Seshat Capgras, a woman who has a very strange dream about being in a river where the souls of the dead go to the underworld, and find herself walking with a group of people in the opposite direction. After she seemly wakes up from what looks like a dream, she discovers she was comatose in a hospital for over four years due to an accident where she was hit by a car. Then, she begins having nightmares about a parallel life where she is a woman investigating a murder case, and both the victim and suspect murder look exactly like her.


Seshat is dreaming she is living inside the body of a supposedly former policewoman who is looking for the protagonist herself. This woman is extremely rage-driven and hates her, for reasons not first known, until she’s completely overwhelmed by her anger and shoots the murderer, killing her. After that, this same woman is shown in jail and realizes the actual truth: she and the protagonist are the same person, and she’s beginning to believe she has the murderer's appearance and what she did to her was just a nightmare about a parallel life, in which she had the victim's appearance (a twin sister) and was the victim.

Meanwhile, inside her head, the villain is the own protagonist, that is, her own subconscious manifesting as herself inside his dreams. That is shown during the car chasing scene and her subconscious, showing itself as her, imprisons the protagonists and interrogates her, during which she asks "Do you think you know the rules inside here...? Who do you think give the orders here?" and the chasing scene is shown again, except the protagonist's car starts to blur and suddenly disappears, only for the protagonist to injury herself on the asphalt.

Her subconscious wants to imprison her in her dream so it can manifest itself as another personality, using her body as a vessel. It cuts out to a fighting scene on a building sinking into the ground, before going back to the interrogation inside the dream which her evil subconscious comes closes to her and says "What do you think happens when you imprison somebody for years and years down here?", the protagonist, sobbing, nods her head negatively, showing briefly again the fighting scene in the sinking building. Her subconscious then replies again "They want to get out."

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