loƨ IIII :: яɘɒнтяɒυ, translated as SUN IV: Command, is one of the collections of the primary texts written by Saw Elodim. The book's location is unknown.


Command is the fourth book of the collection, and it has a teal cover, with the image of two deltas crossing each other vertically, one of them inverted, with an infinite symbol in the middle of them. It is arguably the most important of all the books, as it is essentially a prophecy of all the Eschatons. It is also the second shortest book, with only 1536 pages.

The book describes eight disastrous events, named Arcs, caused by a dark messiah that would attempt to bring the end of humanity. The first Arc theorizes a large-scale war that would echo globally and bring down a whole race; the second Arc describes a global disaster and a world engulfed by earthquakes; the third Act is what could be considered a nuclear war that made part of the world completely inhabitable; the fourth Act is a natural pandemic that killed great part of the world population; the fifth Act predicts the awakening of an eldritch abomination and the loss of a whole country by its hands; the fifth to eighth Acts are unknown.

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