Uriel Vedder
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Name: Uriel Vedder
Gender: Male
Race: Malak
Born: ♑ December 23
Height: 1,70cm
Eyes: Coral pink
Hair: Coral pink
Skin: Light gray
Professional Status
Affiliation: ALPEC
Personal Status
Status: Active
Theme Songs
Debut: Chapter 1
Appearances: Me Versus You


Uriel Vedder (ウリエル・ヴェダー Urieru Vedā) is the main protagonist of Me Versus You. He is a member of ALPEC.


Uriel is a 1,70cm, handsome young malak man known for his rather casual looks and mannerisms, as well as his warm smiles and carefree nature. He is very expressive and often conducts himself in a theatrical manner, most of the time, comically. He's considerably older than he looks and more mature than others initially think he is, besides the fact that the he is very fashion and art savvy.

Like other malak, Uriel has yellow sclera, a purple tongue and torn ears. He has dark coral pink hair, voluminous eyelashes and thick eyebrows, besides a piercing on his right eyebrow and two beauty marks, on his cheek and collarbone. Uriel has a side-shaved head and he wears his messy hair parted to the left. He is also usually seen wearing small earrings of black or silver color, and has hairy legs the same color as his hair.

Personality and Traits

Uriel has a lighthearted, spunky and bubbly personality, and overall an optimistic view on life. He isn't afraid of voicing his honest thoughts or putting people in their place when he feels the need to do so, but he tries to be as nice as he can to others. His cheerful personality contrasts with Neven's — and the latter is often annoyed by his nature.

Being a natural pacifist, Uriel absolutely abhors killing, and always goes to enormous lengths to ensure nobody gets killed, even if it means putting himself in trouble. He also dislikes violence as a whole, preferring to end things peacefully if possible. A running gag of his is that he will dismiss an adversary's challenge or taunt with a cheerful proposal to make peaces with them.




Weapons and Abilities



Uriel (אוּרִיאֵל 'Uri'el) is a Hebrew name which means "El/God is my light". Uriel was one of the seven archangels in Hebrew tradition, mentioned only in the Apocrypha.

His last name and birthday draw from Eddie Vedder's, lead vocalist and one of three guitarists of the band Pearl Jam. The surname itself comes from Middle Low German vedder "cousin", also used to denote any male relative.


  • Uriel's favorite food are bubblegums, chocolate and sweet desserts.


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