Urth, or most often, Ur, is Skuld's sidekick, guide, only weapon and closest friend within the Netherworld, who was found inside a well during the latter's first visit to the eerie location. She is a floating, flaming snake skull who serves as a source of light, both literally and figuratively, for Skuld. Even though Ur remembers nothing about her past or her own self, she slowly recalls and describes the place where she lives as Skuld navigates through it. Despite being an actual (skull of a) snake, she is nicknamed Rabbit by the townspeople because of her horns and friendly disposition. She can form a scepter staff below herself, allowing Skuld to carry her and use her as a melee weapon and means of self-defense.

In fact, Urth was the previous gate of the Underworld and Endoskeleton's past victim, who also became a ghoul once she had been made to cast aside her human form, and eventually succumbed to the powers of the gate since she was a weak monster in the first place and lacked the strength to resist insanity. Her body was eaten by Endoskull's second mouth on the back of her head, leaving only her head behind.

After Skuld becomes the new gate, Urth still exists as her weapon of choice, doubling as both a long staff and a scythe with a blade made out of purple fire, but her conscience is long gone — not unlike Skuld's.

Her namesake, Urðr (Old Norse "fate"), is both ironic and fitting, as it is given to the Norn of past, and Urth remembers nothing about herself.





  • She's not a very strong weapon. Skuld is only able to efficiently use her when she learns magic to some degree.


  • Probably a Libra.
  • She likes good singers, snacks made out of small animals and long walks in the beach.
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