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I'm a horror manga and movie nerd extraordinaire, as well as everything your parents warned you to stay away from. I bribed the gods to let you stay. Consider this: if you're reading this it probably means you're my friend and I trust you. I'm secretly your biggest fan. Shh.

I have no viable excuse for this wiki. It's simply an archive in encyclopedia format for me to work on my characters, their stories as well as the multiverse they live in. Yes, a multiverse, because all the stories are connected and serve as sequels to each other. Hell, some characters even appear in more than one story and others are recurring figures around here.

I named it DethVerse as a rather obvious play on the word multiverse, and also because it's an universe that is intended to die. You'll have to find out why by reading the articles, though. It may sound a bit lame but, oh well, at least you gotta admit my wordmark is pretty rad, huh? I mean, look at that bird. Red bird skull being dead 'n all. Oh, yeah that's right, it feels kinda late to mention it at this point, but pretty much every pixel you're seeing here was drawn by me from scratch, on MSPaint, with a mouse.

I'm a little obsessed with musical (metal/rock, rap/hip-hop and electronic), mythological and cultural/racial references, as well as shoutouts to anime, manga and gaming, so expect a lot of that. A lot. I indulge in assigning theme songs and voice actors to my characters (I think I'm more into seiyuus than English VAs, but I love talking about both), so embrace youself for that too. I'm also all for buff ladies and red-clad protagonists.

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My inspirations draw from H.P. Lovecraft's eldritch lore, my favorite works and stuff I find cool but that I like to ponder whether it would actually happen, besides the foundations behind it. I try to make the character designs and even personalities in general goth and camp, while the stories themselves are superficially fun and lighthearted, but hide a journey of no return into a more dark, depressing and serious tone.

Anyway, in case you found the main page confusing and have no idea where to start, I'd advice you to begin with the stories page, followed by the category page for characters divided by stories in which they appear or the MCs page. The buttons under the header for internal links could also be useful, as well as the Wiki Navigation tabs.

My blog exists to keep my goals tangible and I believe even unregistered users can edit others' talk page, I'm not sure. It is completely possible, however, to comment on articles at the bottom of every page and start discussions there. I'd recommend the AdBlock app in your life.

Also, pay utmost attention to the Three Golden Rules:

  1. Nobody is heterosexual, characters in a opposite-gender relationship are not straight, and romantic subplots, when they exist, run from opposite-sex relationships like the devil runs from the cross;
  2. There are no white people, there are humans with fantastical skin colors (such as red or blue) and light-skinned people, but that doesn't automatically mean they're white, plus most of the folk with real life skin have varying tones of dark skin anyway;
  3. Women are important, I mean, seriously, most, if not all, of the big shots are women, some stories only have women in them, and I try to vary on their roles as much as I can, not to even mention how important disabled and trans people are, too.

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  • Helen (Ellie)
  • 19 years old
  • Black girl
  • Brazilian
  • Neuroatypical
  • Bisexual
  • Actual skeleton dad
  • Atheist without the asshole
  • Nerd and hood hybrid
  • Intersectional feminist
  • Poster child of the suicide anthem
  • Hardcore pro-choice
  • Hypercore pro-self-diagnosis
  • LGBT positive
  • Hater of the sex positive community
  • Bored by fake positivity
  • Conspirator against white elitists and conservatives
  • Allergic to neckbearded white knights on the internet
  • Disgusted by TERFs/TWERFs and radical feminism in general
  • Pro at not writing stories seriously and taking them too seriously anywe
  • Interested in gore, fashion, horror fiction, cryptids, insects, advanced technology, old castles, graveyards, antiquities, cartoonish villains, black holes, learning new idioms, martial arts and anatomy
  • Inspired by the creations of Sharon Ehman, Sophie Turnbull, Marta Gabriel and Yeha Leung

What you will find here

  • Characters from a wide variety of sexualities, genders, disabilities, classes and skin colors (including non-existent ones)
  • Heavy influences from cosmic horror, gothic horror, sci-fi, cyberpunk and post-cyberpunk, apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic fiction
  • Camp
  • Major character deaths and heavy angst
  • References from real life philosophy, sociology, biology, chemistry, physics, etc
  • Romantic subplots (although not always — may include unrequited love)
  • Bittersweet, Gainax and all sorts of bad endings (see Sliding Scale of Endings on TvTropes)
  • Sensitive content not suited for people with triggers
  • Gore, blood and body horror — lots and lots of body horror
  • Rule of Symbolism and Rule of Scary
  • Depressing stories written as a method of externalizing their writer's mental issues
  • Adult themes (explicit sex scenes, dead end jobs, drug addictions, systematic oppression, paying taxes...)

Do not proceed further if you...

  • ... have a black and white vision of the world
  • ... assign LGBT characters anything other than their given sexuality/gender
  • ... believe in reverse racism, heterophobia, monosexual privilege, thin privilege, etc
  • ... agree or have onions rooted in biphobia, homophobia, transphobia, islamophobia, racism, etc
  • ... discriminate against the disabled, mentally ill, etc
    Your administrator is actually sans.png
  • ... agree with fat shaming or discrimination against any body type
  • ... think you will find stories about rape or sexual assault as plot device
  • ... condone pedophilia and/or incest
  • ... are pro-police or military
  • ... are overall a shitty person
  • ... are triggered about matters of suicide, self-harm, death, depression, gore, blood, disorders, etc (for your own safety and well-being)

To-Do List

I gazed into the abyss, and the abyss gazed right back into me.

Ellie, whenever on a editing spree

Keeping a wiki requires effort, hard work, free time, inspiration and lots of tissue to wipe your tears. The following are several pages, categories, projects and layouts I plan on editing, creating, expanding and formatting for whatever reasons, just so I don't forget my priorities. I call them my divine tasks.


[x] Organize categories
[x] Delete unused pages
[x] Organize forgotten character pages
[x] Organize everything I made back from 2011
[ ] Draw and publish all weapons I already have in mind
[ ] Draw all characters whose designs are pretty much done
[ ] Write proper story articles
[x] Edit character templates
[ ] Complete protag template from the Main Page
[x] Create category and page buttons for easy navigation for the Main Page
[ ] Expand series articles
[ ] Edit locations
[ ] Finish World Map
[ ] Expand pages on organizations
[ ] Expand pages on races
[ ] Create pages on philosophy and racism
[ ] Alter the articles in need of revising

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