Vincent von Rufendertoten
Name Vincent von Roesch
Race Human
Age 46 years old
Birthday January 12
Status Active
Voiced by Travis Willingham

Vincent von Roesch is a universally recognized gunsmith, founder and CEO of the Roesch's Manufacturing Company. He is also helping Terumi to achieve her goals, which at this point are unknown.



“This may be fun. ”


Vincent is a cryptic, calculating man with a sardonic wit. He prides his strength and superior intellect, thinking that humanity is inferior and insignificant in the larger scheme of intergalactic existence. Originally introduced as a calm and courteous gunsmith, he eventually showed himself to be gloomy, insensitive and conniving. He speaks in a bitter tone and often makes condescending, pessimistic comments.

Any gentleness or caring feelings he has is usually reserved for his wife, whom he was instantly entranced with upon their first meeting. Though he boldly declares that he fights only for himself, he privately cares a lot about her and her safety, and has enough trust on her to talk about secret topics openly.

He is carefree and emotionless, often speaking bluntly about sensitive topics. He is very impatient, as he repeatedly notes that he does not wish to wait or keep others waiting. He is also described as being a serious, aloof, and detached man.

He absolutely hates religion. He does not recognize any divine presence, such as a god.


Weapons and Abilities


Musical Themes


His appearance is based on that of singer and movie director Rob Zombie.



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